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The flash is actually much better on this camera than other compact cameras, with it being supported on an extended arm away from the camera lens in an attempt to deliver a slightly less deer-in-headlights look! Alike the Fujifilm lineup of mirrorless cameras, the Sony Alpha range is rather confusing. I had moved into a number of various high schools as I was physically hurt by pupils when in the girls bathroom and boys used to try and trip me up in the hallway corridors. Fujifilm is well known for offering fantastic image quality, and its X-Series line of cameras is no exception. Jade was subjected to so much bullying that by her mid-teens she had lost 95 per cent of her hair due to stress related alopecia brought on by the verbal and physical abuse she would receive. Whilst a smart phone is great for fun snaps, teens will quickly appreciate the difference between when to use their phone and when to use their dSLR.

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Seeing the image appear on the back of the LCD was pure magic.

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Model Jade Was Tormented By Cruel Bullies As A Teen, Now She’s A Top NI Glamour Star

Getting your young ones into photography early may be the best gift you ever give them: These are all criteria that are important to me as a father of 2 kids when purchasing their first camera. Another handy benefit of this compact mirrorless camera is the ability to charge it via USB. Coupled with the mm IS Image Stabilizer kit lens, you can capture sharp images even handheld in low light. Obviously the tilting screen is a huge plus for stills photography too, allowing much easier creative compositions, and the touch screen is a welcome addition to speed up operation. You may also like. I want kids to be able to sling their camera in their school backpack without it weighing them down or being too bulky.

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