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Before the expert trainer had time to react, she felt a pleasurable pressure on her chest. There was an aching inside of her that craved sexual attention, and there was no reason she should deny it when given by a gentle, sexy living being like this Lopunny? Just the sensation sent another wave of moisture racing to her cunt. She had a distinctly feminine body, too, with breasts even larger than Cynthia's. Cynthia leaned over and kissed the Lopunny deeply as they began grinding against each other's legs once more. Seemingly just realizing the unfortunate situation of his mate, he withdrew his glistening member, fully erect and wet with the juices of the Lopunny's interior.

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She looked downwards once more to see Lopunny eagerly fingering herself, clearly immensely turned on by the front row seat to the powerful fucking above her.

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Relevance Pokemon Cynthia Pics

Cynthia removed a hand from Lopunny's breast to stroke the magnificent creature's white mane. Between her duties as a researcher and her position as Sinnoh champion, no man could keep up with her schedule. Unfortunately, Stefan had been too many years her junior at the time. They had been playing with Cynthia in the expansive lawn that was part of the property and had tired themselves out. Cynthia felt a pang of guilt that she had just enjoyed everything the Lopunny had to offer and Arcanine could have none of it. Cynthia showing busty tits. He was overseas, moving on to bigger and better things.

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naked cynthia in pokemon with big boobs
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naked cynthia in pokemon with big boobs
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